Meet our team

Our team is creative, observant, diverse, and passionate about challenging the status
quo and the possibility of creating extraordinary futures. Our team spirit, experience,
good ears, and business acumen help us generate solutions that go far beyond
a good idea.

The inspiring

Daniel Moczydlower

President & CEO

Daniel is an excellent negotiator and stands out for his inspiring leadership focused on building relationships and governing a collaborative, inclusive work ecosystem focused on the continuous development of the team. He deftly masters the combination of the execution ability and experience of a large-sized company with the agility and focus of a startup.

He’s a huge STAR WARS fan and an outspoken devourer of History, Politics and Diplomacy, Business, and Technology books. The wise sentence he takes to life is: “You must unlearn what you have learned” (Master Yoda - 900 years of Jedi wisdom).

The Trailblazer

Desuita Campelo

VP, Strategic Intelligence & Marketing

Affectionately called “Dzu”, has the ability to structure and explore the unknown, resulting in innovative business strategies that positively impact people’s lives.

Although she is an expert at integrating critical and highly complex systems, Dzu’s biggest (and best) challenge is being a mother to little Helen (what we believe she does well). Her life sentence is: “You shouldn’t sacrifice what you could be for what you are” (Jordan Peterson).

The Trailblazer

Stefan Lembke

VP, Business Operations & Growth

Stefan has the ability to create and structure solid business opportunities. It's more than launching new businesses. It's about generating long lasting value that positively transforms people's lives.

In his free time, Stefan shares his passion for Ironman triathlon, travel with family, and photography. The phrase he takes to life is: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” (Mahatma Gandhi).

The Achiever

Arjan Kanters

Business Development Director for Europe

Arjan is responsible for structuring innovative new businesses and connecting with Innovation Hubs in Europe. Or, in his words, “making the invisible visible”. What he most admires about Embraer-X is the boldness to look beyond the borders of aviation.

He is a Dutch lover of Brazilian culture, and passionate about barbecue and football. With a collaborative spirit, the sentence he takes to life is: “We are in this world to help each other”.

The Visionary

Clenilson Gonçalves

Business Development Director for the USA

Clenilson is engaged in identifying the most promising connections in the United States that can open doors for Embraer-X and contribute to developing new businesses. For him, the great challenge is to explore the new frontiers that will sustain the future. He has a unique ability to hear the whole and welcome different points of view. He is a talented pianist who already shares the stage with his two young children. The sentence he takes to life is: “Whatever you do, work at it heartily, as working for the Lord and not for men” (Colossians 3:23).

The Achiever

Flávia Cardoso

Global Brand Strategic Lead

Flávia is driven by challenges and shares a passion for people and what we do with Embraer-X. She prides herself on generating results and creating immediate impacts, has the talent to tell good stories, and uses her sensitivity to capture people’s needs and the brand’s desires as creative and strategic fuel.

In her spare time, she usually walks around with her head in the clouds thinking about her next trip or sketching poems no one will read. The sentence she takes to life is: “To travel is to change the clothes of the soul” (Mario Quintana).

The Brave and Bold

Luciana Mizioka

Head of Strategic Intelligence

Luciana has the incredible ability to transform complex issues into accessible language, leading Embraer-X to make intelligent and strategic decisions. Calculations, statistics, and algorithms are often challenging for many people, but the challenge is part of Luciana’s DNA, she has long-distance running as a hobby and seeks the milestone of having covered the 700 km of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. No wonder the sentence she takes to life is: “What challenges you, transforms you”.

The Brave and Bold

Julieta Diederichsen

Senior Manager, Business Operations & Growth

Julieta has an ability to coordinate processes that contribute to the success of Embraer-X projects. With a keen vision, she is our strategic and necessary axis to establish methodologies and achieve excellence in all stages of new business.

When not coordinating complex projects, she relaxes her mind by swimming, yoga, or trekking. The phrase she takes to life is: “The best way to predict the future is to create it” (Peter F. Drucker).

The Inspiring

Marina Sposito

Intern, Business Operations & Growth

Marina contributes with her strong academic knowledge of International Relations and her communication skills, adaptability, intermediation, and relationship management with a multicultural team.

She loves to spend her free time doing yoga, improving makeup techniques, or catching up on some reading. The phrase she takes to life is: "Be the energy you want to attract".

the inspiring

Tânia Barros

Talent Acquisition & Diversity and Inclusion

Tânia has a unique sensitivity to identifying, attracting, and integrating talents into the Embraer-X team. With a focus on people and a keen eye for details, she consistently develops attraction and retention strategies, ensuring a diverse and inclusive environment.

Tânia loves to travel, watch movies and series, and study human development in her free time. The phrase she takes to life is: "Together we are better and stronger".

The Brave and Bold

Guilherme Monte Claro

Senior Contracts Manager

As important as closing a contract, is knowing how to manage it. Guilherme is an excellent communicator and negotiator, leading the lifecycle management of all Embraer-X contracts with excellence.

Brave and bold, he loves to go skiing and ride the wave of emotions in the stock market. The phrase he takes to life is: "Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive" (Elbert Hubbard).

The Visionary

Fabio Silva Tsunoda

Customer Strategy Lead

With a strong critical thinking skills ahead of the curve, Fábio is passionate about human behavior and how business can observe it to shape products that truly solve people’s real-life problems. He has the ability to research market scenarios and eventually draw conclusions from that data. During his free time, he loves to travel and spend time with his family and friends. The phrase he takes to life is: “Forgiveness is the only way to reverse the irreversible flow of history” (Hannah Arendt).