Embraer-X opens office in the Netherlands

Amsterdam, NL, July 14, 2022 - The Netherlands has been a core partner for Embraer’s efforts in the development of innovative and sustainable aviation technology. And now, Embraer-X, a disruptive innovation subsidiary of the Embraer Group, will also strengthen this collaborative journey by opening an office at the Aerospace Innovation Hub@TUD, at the TU Delft Campus. The contract signing ceremony took place today, and operations are expected to start by the end of this year.

"Embraer-X's physical presence at the Aerospace Innovation Hub@TUD enables, amongst other possibilities, a way to accelerate new partnerships to co-explore the application of disruptive technologies for new businesses. Being here, we will be able to develop joint educational, research, and innovation projects that will create a vision for a greener future when it comes to mobility," said Daniel Moczydlower, CEO of Embraer-X.

“The Aerospace Innovation Hub aims to accelerate innovation in aerospace by facilitating the interaction between science and industry. Having Embraer-X present in the Hub will add value to the vibrant eco-system,” said Femke Verdegaal, director of the Aerospace Innovation Hub.

TU Delft is world-renowned for its academic programmes and research in the field of Aerospace Engineering. Embraer-X strategic position at the Aerospace Innovation Hub will serve as a base to be continuously connected with the TU Delft entrepreneurial ecosystem, startups, test facilities and spin-offs. This facilitates collaboration between professionals and researchers of both organizations.

TU Delft has a long history of intensive collaboration with Brazilian experts in the sustainability research field, an area of knowledge that Embraer has led with its roadmap and concepts development plan.

About Embraer-X

Embraer-X is a market accelerator committed to developing solutions that transform life’s experiences. This Embraer S.A. disruptive innovation subsidiary is based on Florida’s Space Coast in Melbourne, integrated with the Company’s engineering team in Brazil, and dedicated to collaborating with global innovation communities. The Embraer-X team of innovators, creators, thought-leaders, and designers combines human-centered design thinking with business-building and engineering expertise to tackle some of the biggest mobility problems facing humanity today. For more information, visit

About Aerospace Innovation Hub@TUD

The Aerospace Innovation Hub has a mission to accelerate content driven innovation in aerospace in a community by facilitating the early entrepreneurial journey, offering a vast aerospace network, and access to a rich aerospace talent pool. We are attaining our mission by offering our members an active community through which they can develop their ideas into viable and scalable products.

Situated on top of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and at the heart of TU Delft Campus, the Aerospace Innovation Hub connects Aerospace Innovators.

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