Crafting Extraordinary Futures

Our world is diverse in many ways, people's realities are different, the future does
not arrive at the same time for everyone. Embraer-X uses people’s needs as its
creative fuel, creating futures that move each one of us. Extraordinary futures in the
eyes of those who live them, those who long for them. We are crafting the path to
make a positive impact in the world by developing solutions that inspire our
partners to spread true grit to make changes people crave.

Extraordinary futures starts here. Join us!

How will Embraer-X impact the world?

Impacting the future by generating sustainable value

Sustainable by Design

Our ventures are committed to sustainability principles in their business development and operations. Support Embraer to accelerate its sustainability projects.

Integrated Mobility

Provide a seamless end-to-end experience to end users in the mobility of people and goods. Integrate the complete traveler journey for multimodal vehicles and multiple destinations.

Airborne Info-Systems

Management and integration of mobile data acquisition systems through airborne solutions.

Accelerating the future

How do we differentiate ourselves?
We solve real problems for today and future generations
transforming ideas into innovative ventures.

Innovation Radar

Discover cutting-edge innovation being developed worldwide and continually feed the innovation pipeline with inside and outside ideas.

Market Ready

Putting concrete market-oriented ideas together. To develop a value proposition, business model, market positioning and proposed solution. Get ready to sell.

Business Ready

To reduce the risk of launching new ventures. To develop the business case and plan. Get ready to scale and launch.

Business Building

To create an organization capable to implement the BP, responding to customers, competitors and market opportunities as rapidly as possible.

Our Story


What will we do to succeed? The world is changing rapidly. Every day new innovations
and technologies enter our lives, raising our expectations about what is possible.
Discover new ways to achieve new goals it's our way of doing things.



Embraer-X’s first spin-off

Eve results from the integration of the SKY project with the Urban Air Traffic Management (UATM) system services, dedicated to accelerating the development of the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem.

The company is building up a complete portfolio of solutions to benefit people's lives, including the development and certification of the electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle (eVTOL), a comprehensive support network and associated services, and the creation of urban air traffic management solutions.